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Enjoying Fast Food

Food & Market Stalls

Food Stalls 

Wood Fire Pizzas

BBQ Food

Fairy Floss 

Devonshire Tea

Sweet & Sticky 

Kindy Healthy Options

 Indian Food 

Champagne and Oysters

Ice Cream

Market Stalls

Show Bags

White Elephant

Second Hand Clothing Stall 

Second Hand Books

Second Hand Uniform

Plant Stall 

Food Vans 

Mr Papa - Peruvian Food (burgers, wings, street bowls)

SlinkoTornado Potato

Chorizo Chasers

Papa Joes Catering - Italian street food 

Shot Clock Espresso - Coffee Van 


Community Handmade Market Stalls 

National Zoo & Aquarium 


Lids 4 Kids


Badge Making & Selling 

Come along and see what the Year 3/4 RAS Jnr and Year 5/6 Round Square students have been up to!


There will be a range of pre-made badges for sale as well as an area where you can make your own!


Why did Radford buy a badge machine?

After visiting Calvary Aged Care Betty, our contact at Calvary, mentioned to a few students that at times it can be difficult for the residents to remember everyone’s names.


The students who Betty spoke to mentioned this and we investigated purchasing a badge machine. You can only imagine the smile on Betty’s face when the students presented her with a badge machine of their very own!

The Toucan Shop 

Fair Trade and Handmade products made in Central America - hats, hammocks, handbags, jewellery and much more. 

Little Charms 

Handcrafted jewellery - earrings, bracelets, necklaces, keychains and pins. 

Ashton Osbourne (Year 4 Student)

Raising awareness and money to assist those that are Homeless. 

Straus Artwork 1.jpeg

Year 9 student - Harisen Monks-Smith

 Jibbitz are the pieces that you put in crocs. 


Year 12 student - Rayyan Quershi 

STRAUS is a Canberra based brand which produces unique streetwear items. Our slogan is "See yourself" as we aim for people to see themselves through STRAUS and express themselves while wearing our brand. With our unique Hand drawn Designs, we aim is to one day but Canberra on the worldwide map and known for something great. 

Beer Samplers


Thanks to


Capital Brewing Co, Four Winds Vineyard and Nick O'Leary Wines


Patrons will be able to relax and enjoy the twilight views from the beautiful College grounds. 

Showbags 2023


Lotsa Lollies.JPG
Lotsa Lollies 1.JPG
Yupi 1.JPG
Yupi 2.JPG

$8.00 each

kit kat.JPG

$10.00 each

science 1.JPG
extreme 1.JPG
extreme 2.JPG
Fairy 1.JPG
Fairy 2.JPG
Mr Tricks 1.JPG
Mr Tricks 2.JPG
Super Magic 2.JPG
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